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Spindle Repair

Precision spindle repair and rebuild with the fastest turnaround time.

Our OEM factory trained technicians are spindle repair experts.

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Our OEM trained technicians provide expert spindle repair and rebuild on precision CNC spindles for milling, turning, and stone cutting; quick turnarounds, expert repair. 30 years of experience and a specially equipped, state-of-the-art facility guarantees our spindle repairs will perform like OEM new. Also at HST you will get great customer service like real people answering the phone during business house. So why not call 603-483-0333.


Workmanship is a quality that results from applying honed skills with sincere care to one’s endeavor. Spindle repair is not an assembly line affair. Each repair is a unique, hand crafted assembly; stopping, checking and measuring at many steps along the way. Meticulous is a word that well describes our technicians. They are truly modern day artisans that take pride in their workmanship.


Precision is defined as the state or quality of being precise; exactness. It is a quality that is absolutely necessary for spindle repair. How precise? Our work is so precise that our measurements must be carried out at thermal equilibrium in a climate controlled clean room. We use indicator gages with one micron increments (0.000039”). This precision is necessary for your spindle to perform up to OEM specifications.


Do you use only name brand ABEC 7 bearings?

HST only uses top name brand ABEC 7 bearings. ABEC ratings have to do with the quality and precision of the bearing. HST always uses ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 (Super High Precision, ISO P2) bearings. Amongst other factors ABEC classifications relate to the eccentricity of the bearing.

Do your technicians have OEM training?

Our technicians have trained at various OEM facilities and certain high end OEM’s periodically send training personnel to our facility to provide additional training on their spindle repair procedures.

Are your technicians certified on the test equipment?

Our technicians understand the theory behind spindle design. They are fully trained in the application of super precision spindle bearings. So when you send your spindle to HST you will get our decades of experience along with our expert training as your guaranty for an OEM quality rebuild. And we back that up with a full written warranty.

Are spindles assembled in climate controlled clean rooms?

All spindle assembly and measurements are completed in a climate controlled environment where all equipment is at thermal equilibrium.

A Job Well Done!

“It’s been installed and is performing great. Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done, and a speedy turn around.”

“It’s been installed and is performing great. Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done, and a speedy turn around.”





At High Speed Technologies, we have been repairing spindles for 30 years. Started by an expert spindle technician and built on a mindset that stresses customer service we have the experience that others wish they had. We provide OEM quality spindle repair with specialized equipment, class 10,000 clean room, in-house grinding, taper grinding. Besides our own in-house training, our technicians travel to various OEM facilities for specialized training. They hold certificates in disciplines such as vibration analysis, so they are also experts on the equipment they use to measure and analyze the performance of your spindle. We’re just the right size; big enough that we have a modern well equipped shop, and small enough that we know every customer and every customer is very important to us. Give us a call 1-800-248-4478.

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