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Why Did My Spindle Fail?

In our data base of over 100,000 repairs we have seen a broad spectrum of failures. Some common failure causes include: Contamination Mishandling Incorrect Preload Overloaded Lubrication Imbalance Drawbar Mechanism Failures Statistical Bearing Failure For some tips on how to avoid premature failure visit our Blog under “ Spindle Tips”. Contamination Minute particulate resulted [...]

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What Lubrication Should I Use?

Jessica is applying precision metered ultra-filtered grease in our special flow bench mini-clean room. Today there are many excellent lubricants for the full spectrum of spindle applications. The OEM should always be the first source for lubrication requirements. However, if that information is not available HST makes the following recommendations. Grease: Most spindles [...]

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What is Imbalance and How is it Corrected?

Imbalance is caused by the displacement of the center of mass from the rotational axis which is a function of eccentricity in the distribution of the rotating mass. It is measured in units of mass and distance, e.g., gram-millimeters or gmm. Imbalance is considered in single plane modes and dual plane modes. Balancing is the [...]

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What is Trim Balance?

Trim balance is the final balance procedure done to a spindle after assembly and during full speed testing. This is procedure is necessary for two reasons. One, often additional components are attached to the shaft after assembly into the housing. Their imbalance will not be compensated for by the adjustments made on the Balancing Machine. [...]

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What is ISO 1940/1 G0.4.?

ISO 1940/1 is an international standard used for qualifying the balance of rotating rigid bodies. The standard also specifies the method for verifying residual imbalance. G0.4 is a particular balance grade within the overall standard. Compliance with this standard requires that the maximum residual imbalance falls within certain limits dependent on the overall mass of [...]

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What is ABEC 7?

HST only uses top name brand ABEC 7 bearings ABEC ratings have to do with the quality and precision of the bearing. It is an industry accepted standard developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). There are five (5) ABEC classifications 1, 3, 5, 7, [...]

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What is Preload?

Axial Preload for Angular Contact Bearings Preload is the load generated from the axial or radial interference within a bearing resulting in elastic deformation between rolling elements and the raceway. In other words, preload is the amount of force exerted against the rolling elements without the application of any external forces. Proper preload [...]

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SETCO Respects the Work of High Speed Technologies

At HST we know we have a number of very good competitors and we respect them. But a little while back we had a firsthand experience with SETCO that gave us some insight as to their corporate personality and perhaps part of the reason why so many customers choose HST to repair their SETCO spindles. [...]

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HST Repairs CAPTO Clamping Systems

At High Speed Technologies, Inc. we repair CAPTO Clamping Systems with OEM components. Our technicians have trained with CAPTO factory representatives. If you have a spindle with a damaged CAPTO clamping system call us at 1-603-483-0333 Coromant CAPTO clamping system was developed in the 1980s to provide a rigid simultaneous contact system.  It was well [...]

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