HST Is Big Plus Certified

HST Is Big Plus Certified. At High Speed Technologies, Inc. we repair Big Plus tapers to OEM standards. With our in house grinding and climate controlled environment we can guarantee all of our Big Plus repairs. If you have a spindle with a damaged Big Plus taper call us at 1-603-483-0333 Big Plus was developed [...]

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What makes a good spindle repair shop?

What makes A Good Spindle Repair Shop? If you have a machine with a damaged spindle and you want to know the fastest, most cost effective way to get a high quality repair, you may be asking these questions: Who can repair my spindle back to OEM standards? Do I have to go to the OEM to [...]

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How long can a spindle stay in storage

How long can a machine tool spindle be stored? Some of our customers have spare spindles and want to keep them in storage until they are needed. The question then becomes “When does the warranty period start for a spindle in storage” and “How long can a spindle stay in storage”. Those are good questions. [...]

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