During Break, HST General Manager explains some best practices for spindle maintenance.

November was a busy month with HST visiting loyal customers in Thailand and Taiwan. We teamed up with NSK Precision Bearings to provide all day seminars designed to help our customers get the maximum life from their spindles. In between seminars customers examined displays and videos designed to demonstrate the proper care and feeding of precision bearings and CNC spindles.

Thai manufacturing has shown incredible resilience. Less than a year ago many factories were knee deep in water. Today everything is humming along at full pace. In attendance were representatives from many large manufacturing firms and especially the automotive line. Some recognizable names included Toyota, Nissan, GM, JTETK, GKN Drive Line, Aisin, as well as dozens of others.

In the morning several representatives from NSK presented information on how to specify and care for supper precision spindle bearings. After lunch HST took the stage and explained many of the procedures that go into the repair of a super precision spindle. Additionally we provided many helpful tips and methods that can help extend the life of a high performance CNC spindle.


Mr. Takuya Okamoto explains proper care of NSK Bearings


HST Presentation in conjunction with NSK and PTC








Wafer dicing machines.


Breakfast in Thailand isn’t what you’d find at McDonald’s. Sautéed squid with celery and baby octopus in spicy red sauce.

HST has been repairing spindles in Pacific Rim countries for many years and we enjoy a good reputation in many nations. This presentation was an opportunity to help our customers extend the life of their spindles. The response was excellent and we were able to field many questions during breaks and after the presentation.


Breakfast in Thailand isn’t what you’d find at McDonald’s. Sautéed squid with celery and baby octopus in spicy red sauce.

For the rest of the week we visited customers and reviewed processes. Besides large industrial spindles HST also repairs ultra-precision wafer dicing spindles.

After 10 days in Thailand it was off to Taiwan. Most of our customers there are associated with the semi-conductor industry. Taiwan’s industries are along the west coast. In 2007 Taiwan opened their high speed rail service between Taipei and Kaohsiung; a distance a little less than Boston to New York. At 186 MPH the train makes the trip in about 90 minutes.

When I first visited these countries back in the mid-90s I remember struggling using a payphone to make a call back to the states. In 2012 my wife dialed just my 7 digit local cell number and reached me in seconds as I was tearing across the Taiwan countryside at 186 MPH. Technology is moving fast. That is why HST continually updates their skill sets.
If your company would like us to present some ways to get more life out of your spindles don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll go to the ends of the earth to help our customers.