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Project Description

Disco NCP00032-B Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Job IA1722 &  Job IA1723

Disco NCP00032 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_before and after job IA1722

Job IA1722 Before & After

Disco NCP00032 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_before and after job IA1723

Job IA1723 Before & After

These Disco NCP00032-B spindles came to High Speed Technologies as a pair. Job IA1722 came in for preventative services whereas job IA1723 arrived because it had seized suddenly.

Testing of Job IA1722 prior to disassembly revealed lower axial lift. Once we disassembled the spindle a dried oil-like substance was observed on the shaft journals and within the Radial bearing ID. This is a strong indication of a contaminated air supply to the spindle(s). All oil-like substance was cleaned and all air jets were cleared of any obstruction. Upon repair, we were able to fully restore this Disco spindles axial lift capacity.

Disco NCP00032 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_oil found in air jets

Job IA1723 as stated above arrived to us seized. Particulate penetrated the nose of the spindle causing the rotating shaft to seize on the ID of the front cover. Some damage was also observed to the shaft radial bearing ID which we carefully cleaned and reworked to almost new condition.

Disco NCP00032 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_rotating shaft_radial bearing

Rotating shaft also made contact with Radial bearing ID. We were able to rework and clean this surface and restore full Radial lift capacity.

Within 5 days both Disco NCP00032-B spindles were, disassembled, evaluated, repaired and running like new on their way back to the customer! So whether your spindle suffers from a crash or simply requires some preventative maintenance, please give us a call 1-603-483-0333 or email with your questions or concerns today!