HST answers the phoneIt may not seem like much, but when you call High Speed Technologies, Inc (HST) during business hours a real live person will answer the phone. That person will make it their job to help you with whatever it is that you’re calling about.

What’s the big deal? We are in a production industry and as nice as we are at HST most customers do not call just to say hello and chat. They call for answers. They need to know the status of a job so they can schedule production, they need to know status of a job so they can reassure their customers, and they need to know status so they can tell their boss not to worry everything is on schedule.

What they don’t need is to waist valuable time listening to recordings, pressing buttons and leaving voice messages that may never be answered.

It is true that a real live person costs more than an answering machine. But at HST it is just one more manifestation of our mind set for customer service. We invite you to call us anytime to check on the status of your spindle repair. Of course, if you have the time, we’d love to chat with you anytime.